in health and medicine

Health data is the digital oil driving breakthroughs in genetics and medical science. But today, innovation is stifled by a lack of data sharing due to concerns around privacy and financial fairness.

GeneOS uses Private AI and Blockchain to eliminate both of these obstacles, paving the way for a collaborative and universally beneficial data economy.

RISK-FREE collaboration

through Private AI

GeneOS leverages advancements in Private AI to enable widespread accessibility of health data while maintaining absolute patient privacy. Private AI makes it possible for datasets to be analyzed remotely by any third party without decryption of the raw data.

Owners of life-saving but confidential health data no longer have to choose between personal privacy and helping the world.


through Blockchain

Health data is extremely valuable and costly to create. We believe those who participate in its creation deserve to participate in its benefits.

Our Genome Equity Model turns health data into a dividend-generating digital asset that is co-owned by all contributors, forever.

Patients, labs, hospitals, and all future stakeholders benefit from the trustless, immutable nature of the blockchain to receive fair compensation for their contribution.